It’s Been Some Time

It’s been some time since I have been on here. I feel I haven’t really got any pertinent information lately to spill out and upon reading over my other posts, I guess it’s easy to see why I am not a great big huge blog sensation, not that it was what I was going after anyway, just you know, everyone wants to be a star, right?


So, I think I will keep this up just for when I feel as if perhaps I may have a little something to say and even if I just need to find a place to vent, but I don’t think regular blogging is in my near future, maybe when I am finished with school and have more time or maybe if my business takes off, like I truly wish and hope it does! I just really need some time to think and sort out a lot of worries I have on my mind lately, I am very concerned about what is going to happen with school now that I don’t have a printer and don’t have even the little amount of cash it costs to send my project to the printer’s, I am concerned about being as far behind as I already am and now I am going to be that much farther behind and I am afraid that I will have to cram it all in at the very last moments trying to make it under the three-year limit and do myself this huge disservice or worse! Fail. I have to find a printer and a good one and so I will make that my major priority for the week.


Thank you for looking here from time to time and I will be back, just not sure just when. But look at my photos anytime you want to and I think if you google me, there are other places to see more of my stuff, remember I am still learning so with that in mind any comments are appreciated.


Thanks and So Long,


Help Out If You Can!

by carly eddy


Here is another photo for you guys to look at by me!


Here’s an organization that I thought you might be interested in. For 50 years, Childhelp has been working from coast to coast to prevent child abuse, and help children and families recover from abusive situations.

Check out the website, there are so many great ways to get involved:




A few weeks ago I ordered some extension tubes for my lens for my camera so that I will be able to do some really cool macro photography. If you don’t know what macro photography is, it is extreme close-up photography and it is actually beautiful when you take photos of flowers for instance.

Since I just got the extension tubes, I haven’t any examples to show you yet, I do however have a couple of other photos i took the other day of a friend, who happens to be THE best model, so patient and so willing to go along with any crazy idea I have! For one of these photos I have included in this post, I was standing on the arms of the chair he was sitting in so I could be above him to get the shot, it came out really well, if I don’t say so myself, I suppose the catch lights could be much better but I am still in the process of learning and actually we aren’t even on portraiture yet, I just really like to practice and take lots of photographs of everything and everyone so if they let me I shoot them and they may not be the world’s best photos but I really think I am getting a lot better. Okay, so here are those photos and I promise to let you see some of the macro stuff I do as soon as I figure out how to attach the extension tubes to my camera and figure out what I am doing after all that!

I hope that you enjoy this photo I am including:

taken by-Carly Eddytaken by-Carly Eddy


Well, I got my new Nokia Astound cell phone today, pretty cool phone! I am so happy to have a phone again!

I was lucky enough to have won this phone by entering a contest on the internet and the next thing you know I received an email telling they were delighted to tell me that I had won the contest. I was just as delighted to have won!

Anyway, this phone happens to have an 8megapixal camera with it, witch i find to be a pretty good camera for a phone, isn’t it? I think it is.

I will take some pictures soon with it and include them in a future post.

Now, however; I have to go. I am in the middle of studying my Unit Three for photography school but I remembered I hadn’t posted about receiving the phone, so I decided that I would do that.

From now on, I am going to be changing this blog to a weekly blog and have it be a lot more interesting and a lot more focused, I was really unfamiliar with the whole “blogging” thing when I first started and now I know just a little bit more about it and I would rather have my blog be a little more polished than it is right now, so I am going to do some research and take my time at making this a lot better.

Okay everyone, have yourselves a great evening and we’ll see you next week sometime, unless I happen to post the photos with the phone prior to my next actual “wordy” post, okie dokie?

All right then


-Carly LaDiDa

by carly eddy



Free Photography Source – Ebook, web, plugins, tutorial, etc

Free Photography Source – Ebook, web, plugins, tutorial, etc.

I was doing some reading this morning and came across this fantastic site! I thought that if anyone was interested in learning more about photography or happened to already be enrolled in school, really anyone at all, might find this to be vey helpful. I sure am finding it helpful! In fact I only took a quick moment to share this site with you and now I am going back to find what I can find and then I need to get outside to get some shots. It’s the perfect day for perfect photographs, so I can not stay on the computer much longer!

Have a lovely day everyone! And I surely hope the site I recommended is helpful to you.



Hello there, again……

I got a little worried this evening looking at all of these talented people’s photography sites and realizing and seeing all the equipment it took for them to get that beautiful shot. Seeing all of that got my nerves going and then I started to really doubt myself and my ability to perform as a good photographer.

Then I took a deep breath and realized I had to stay optimistic! First of all I would be going against my personality if I didn’t stay positive. I am for the most part someone who relies on my positive attitude to get me through the day, so I can’t really afford to let myself get down, I usually catch myself before I get too down and it is why I chose to write about it tonight, I figure maybe I can work my way through this by posting until my doom falls away….ahem, yes, I did say doom. When I looked at the price of one of the lenses I was reading about in one of the stories I found tonight….yes doom rose and loomed over me like a wave of ” oh no, you won’t ever have that much money for a lens, you may as well give up now, what is the point and blah blah blah”…..

….I have always, one way or another managed to get through any situation that has presented itself and I have a really strong desire to learn as much as I can and to really do well at school so I think I will be okay.

I am still a student after all and hopefully with some practice and paying really good attention to everything I learn at school and all the other stuff I read and learn from the internet,  I will build up a little more confidence. And lenses and lights and all that will end up coming together too, I am sure there is somewhere I can get them were they don’t cost $3000.00 At least I really hope so.

I have some pretty good lights and I have two good lenses, I am going to invest in a wide angle lens next and so I think the three of then will be good enough for now and the rest will have to wait. I mean what can I do? I am not made of money and I bet it’s safe to assume that nobody started out with everything all at once, it must have taken them some time to get it all together.

I will focus on the positive, not let anything scare me away from succeeding and doing this whole photography course and I will graduate and I will live right through it.

Wish me luck, I will let you all know how it is going from time to time. I am not trying to make this entire blog all about my schooling or my photos I want it to be about helping people and just random things that made an impression on me or a little about what may have happened  during my day that I thought maybe was kind of a trip and make you laugh, it’s all about the laughter baby!

Yep, I do, I feel better now, okie dokie then, I guess I am done for right now.

Have a great day everyone, Smile and laugh and be good to eachother, that’s what it’s all about, getting through the day, happy, right?